In this unique place, with great enthusiasm and love for quality wine, we created Melmar winery.

Our goal is to highlight the potentials of the vineyards of Thrace, and especially of Samothrace as a winemaking zone. 


The Winery


Melmar winery is located in the region of Dafnes, in Samothrace. 
It was established in 2013, and became active within the domestic and international market, during 2015.


It offers superior oenological equipment such as, an independent laboratory with modern tools for testing and measuring, stainless steel refrigerated double tanks, French oak barrels for the aging of wine, a functional wine cellar with the ideal humidity and storage temperature, a degustation room, and a special conference room.


All housed in a building of unique architectural beauty. Our winery is located in the shadow of Mount Saos – the highest mountain in the Northeast Aegean, reaching up to 1.611 meters. 


Hospitality services will be available soon within the premises of our winery, as well as the completion of the construction of a distillery.  


The cultivation of our own organic vineyard continues with special care, while making frequent experimentations on native and international varieties that will thrive in our region.


For the time being, the grapes which we process come from selected vineyards of Thrace, and of permanent collaborating vine growers.


Frequent visits to the vine growers and sampling from the vineyards are done as we approach the harvest season in order to observe and monitor the grape maturation.

The transfer to our winery is made with special refrigerated trucks.
The final sorting of the grapes is done manually so that the final outcome is healthy and free from harmful external factors. 


The vinification process is made under strict temperature ranges, as all tanks are controlled by the latest refrigeration systems. 
Quality controls are constantly made with the application of modern and traditional methods.


The maturation, aging, and storage of wines is done in suitable humidity conditions of 60-65% and temperatures of 15-170C.while bottling is done with the use of nitrogen, and the total absence of oxygen. 



Samothrace is located in the Northeast Aegean between the islands of Limnos and Thasos, and has a distance of 24 nautical miles from the port of Alexandroupolis which is accessible by ship.


Mount Saos is the highest mountain of the Northeast Aegean (its’ peak - Feggari- has a height of 1.611 mt.) Its’ natural beauty can be depicted through the famous “VATHRES”, which are great waterfalls formed by pure water sources. 


Samothrace is known worldwide due to the ancient Greek statue of Nike (Winged Victory or Victory of Samothrace) that dates back to 220-190 b.c. and was found in 1863 on the island. 


The statue has a height of 2.75 mt. and was made by an unknown artist of the Hellenistic era. It was found in the temple of the “Great Gods, while today it is exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris.


Samothrace was inhabited since prehistoric times, when the mysterious religion of the “Great Gods, known as Kaveri, was born, which established the island as one of the greatest religious centers of antiquity. 


The area known today as Paleopolis, used to be the most important center of the island. Samothrace was governed by a King, who worshipped Goddess Athena as a protector. Back then, the island was also making its’ own currency. 


- Archaeological Museum

It is located in the area of Paleopolis, and most of the exhibits are findings from the ancient city, that used to be at the same exact area. 

- Beaches
The beaches of the island are covered with white pebbles, while the waters are crystal clear. On the south side of the island there is beach “Pahia Ammos”, which is covered with sand, and is known as the most beautiful beach of the island. Towards the eastern side of Samothrace you will find beach “Kipos”. The famous waterfall “Kremastos” can be also found in the eastern part of the island. 

- Thermal springs 
Located in the area of Therma (Loutra), the Municipal Hydrotherapy Center provides springs of hot sulfured water, which have healing properties


- Vathres 
Samothrace is known for its’s waters, which come streaming down from Mount Saos, forming waterfalls and the famous natural “swimming pools”. The largest waterfall is known as “Fonias”. 
- Chora (center of the island)
Chora is the capital, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Saos. The streets are paved with cobbles, thus, creating a beautiful and traditional environment.  

beach in samothraki
Nike of Samothrace